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Mexican post-match conference takes the biscuit, and a lot more


We may not always appreciate it, but I think sports fans in Ireland and Britain can be thankful that we are spared the worst excesses of commercial intrusion on the games we love.

Watching La Liga on a Sunday night, I always feel the electronic pitchside advertising is that more distracting than its Premiership equivalent. Also, I’ve noticed that many press conferences on mainland Europe feature an ultra-annoying mini screen plonked squarely in front of the team coach, on which commercial messages rotate. Unmissable, in the truest sense of the word.

That said, the product placement on view in last weekend’s post-match conference at embattled Mexican club Chivas takes the biscuit … or more accurately,  the cereal, the mineral cans, the chocolate milk and a lot more besides.

The scene, captured here by ESPN’s Tom Marshall, apparently drew intense giggling from those present, prompting the club president to admit “Our marketing team called it wrong – we must be aesthetically cleaner.”