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Three to look out for

Being based in the Guinness Enterprise Centre, you come into contact with lots of great and even not so great businesses and business ideas. In organising an event on entrepreneurship for the MBA Association of Ireland a few weeks back, I was able to watch three of the best pitch their wares to a dragon’s den of cold-hearted MBAs out for the kill. Well, not really: in fact all were immediately seduced by the standard of presentations and by the businesses themselves.

Like most good events, it forced you to look into yourself at some level:  would I have ‘got’ these ideas if put to me two years ago, or would I have dismissed them out of hand? In the two of the three cases, it would have been the latter, I’m afraid. And I’d have been quite wrong.  That’s entrepreneurship for you.

Watch out for these companies:, and Legalshine (