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Smart way to capture a fox

Ok, I’m hardly impartial, having just scooped Gold in the An Post Smart Marketing awards in the Mansion House this month, but I am pretty impressed with the branding around these gongs. As I write, a fox sits proudly atop my filing cabinet, imperiously overseeing all that goes on in the office. I can’t imagine a trophy attracting more comment, and the association is an apposite one: no, not cute, not sly, but smart. It’s a very contemporary value that just about everyone in marketing aspires to, especially in these cost-conscious times.

Winners were quickly talking about claiming ‘several foxes’, and that’s a measure of how easy it is to identify with this gong compared to your typically anonymous trophy. Watch this gather traction in the years to come. And well done to the guys at Designyard.

And since you’re asking, how does one capture a fox? In our case, by using the An Post smart new Admailer tool, which allows for cost-and time-efficient dispatch of direct mail to residents or businesses within a geographical area that can be marked out using an online pencil. It worked for Fort Motor Group in attracting corporate customers to a business evening, and so the fox was ours.

Now, anyone know how to hold on to a fox??